The driving force behind Focus-10.


At his core, Brandon is intentionally different. Beyond his unparalleled experience, unwavering attention to detail, and Business Economics degree, Brandon is renowned for not just thinking outside of the box – but creating his own box entirely. From bringing order to companies, keeping teams on track, and introducing them to simple (yet effective!) changes to weaving his creative flair through his plans, you’re in safe hands.


To many, Brandon is an innovator, a pioneer, and the mind behind up-and-coming start-ups. To his clients, he is their confidant, motivator, accountability partner, and stimulator of big ideas.

By partnering with ambitious visionaries running on the EOS® system, Brandon sees his role as being the ‘organizer of chaos’, from navigating seamless mergers, launching high-powered campaigns, and transferring generational ownership to building simple processes that make all the difference. It’s who he is – powered by innovation, motivated by daunting goals, and driven by a desire to nurture bold visions.


With over two decades of experience in the business leadership realm, Brandon represents the epitome of the phrase “Known for his experience. Trusted for his expertise.”. Having begun his journey as the founder of Toner Solutions, Brandon used the power of marketing, sales, competitor acquisition, and strategic planning to reach targets that enabled him to sell the company in 2011.

From there, he sailed through a breadth of management positions until he found his calling as a Fractional Integrator. Encapsulating everything he stands for – results-driven, detail-oriented, and deeply accountable – Brandon’s partnerships with Investable Mastermind and True Fractional Integrators™ set the standard for business excellence.


Simply tell us about your business, your long-term goals, and whether you’re running on EOS®, and we’ll be back in touch within 24 hours.